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in the end the paula broadwell affair will be a simple blimp on the radar so petraeus' otherwise stellar career. linda so, abc2 news. >>> right now, mitt romney has one theory as to why president obama won re-election. he says the president offered what he called quote gifts to minorities and young voters. mitt romney was making those comments while on the phone with top donors. he says that obama's campaign focused on things like free contraception and that was to woo young women. and also a amnesty of children of illegal immigrants to push hispanics to the polls as well. >>> the doping scandal surrounding lance armstrong is causing another big change. the lance armstrong foundation is formally dropping his name from its title. for nears the foundation -- years the foundation was known informally as live strong. he founded the cancer children in 1997 after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. he stepped away from the organization last month. >>> five things to know on this thursday morning. the department of justice is expected to announce a settlement with oil giant bp over the res
and support of the military contacked the fbireceiving the threatening e- mails which was traced back to paula broadwell who petraeus was allegedly having a affair with. she is a married mother of two and wrote a biography of petraeus and says she shirred over the mental and physical discipline after her trip to afghan tan to interview him. >> an opportunity to interview him on the run and i thought i would test him but whoa at the time me. >> reporter: -- he would test me. >> reporter: petraeus was supposed to attack on the attack in libya but the interim director will speak in its place. >>> thieves in tennessee use used a forklift to steal a atm approaching the atm and it is loading into the bed of the pickup and hauling it away. the machine minus money wasfound later in the woods along with the truck and that truck had been stolen. the crooks got away with the cash. >>> a home invasion robbery is caught on tape. and he says was at home with two friends when they asked if they could do video -- card yard work and he said know and they asked for water and that's when the attack started. >> h
the f. fbi after receiving this threatening e-mail. the e-mails were traced back to paula broadwell the woman petraeus was reportedly having an affair with. broadwell is married mother of two and wrote a biography of petraeus saying they bonded over the shared mental and physical discipline during the trip to afghanistan to interview him. >> an opportunity tore me to interview him on the -- for me to interview him on the run and i thought i would test him and he was going to test me. >> reporter: petraeus was supposed to testify this week on the consulate attack in benghazi but now the cia interim director will speak in his place. linda so, abc2 news. >>> 5:47. five things know as you head out. president obama is inviting leaders from the labor and business communities to the white house for talks on the fiscal cliff. he will meet with labor representatives as well as other progressive groups tomorrow. >>> the u.s. conference of catholic bishops will hold the annual meeting in baltimore today. they will discuss a wide range of issues over the next two days that meeting will take pla
. >> reporter: and the president says he hopes in the end, the paula broadwell affair will be a simple blip on radar so petraeus' other side stellar -- otherwise stellar career, linda so, abc2 news. >>> a police officer put their lives on the line every day and one officer came very close to losing his life. take a look at this video from dashcam and a car you can sigh coming right at the officer's vehicle. barely swerving to avoid a straight head-on collision. now the officer maintained his composure and getting out to check and see if the driver was okay and the clearing of the road. and getting other motorists out of the way. now the police chief knows this could have been much worse. >> it could have been terrible. i mean i could have been -- very bad. i could have been making a call to the parents of loved ones of much more severe situation of an officer killed. or even the other driver. >> now the officer had minor injuries but should be back on the job in a week or two. still no word on what caused the other driver to lose control of his car. >>> you may want to carry some hand sanit
and tampa socialite jill kelley. kelley is the woman who sparked the investigation into petraeus and paula broadwell. she called 911 yesterday to complain about reporters who had gathered outside her home. >> i'm an honoree council general, so i have involability. so they should not be able to cross my property. i don't know if you want to get diplomatic protection involved as well. but now they cross my property [ [ indiscernable ] >> kelley has done volunteer work with the military, but she is not a paid employee. >>> the deadline to pull u.s. troops out of afghanistan is set to end in 2014, but not every troop will be coming home. defense secretary leon panetta says that the administration is still working on some of the post-pullout details. he says a decision should be made in the coming weeks about how many troops will remain in afghanistan to help with security training and to conduct a counterterrorism mission against al-qaida. >>> some dramatic pictures for you this morning out of jackson, mississippi where a small plane crashed into a home. that house erupted into flames as soo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5